Readers’ Comments

  • [A] powerful, thoroughly researched memoir, Dawn of Desegregation vividly brings to life the struggles of a small group of people in a rural South Carolina community who succeeded in changing the fabric of American life. —SC Book Festival
  • The great writing soon had me feeling I was watching a thriller movie as much as reading a book about someone’s family. —California resident
  • I found the book riveting; could not put it down. —College president
  • I enjoyed your writing, which is often vividly descriptive. You have put a very human face on this history. —English professor
  • A great reading experience. —Lawyer
  • Dawn of Desegregation should be required reading for all high school and college American History classes. — Management skills consultant
  • A gripping account of a treacherous struggle for civil rights. —
  • Told in a very captivating way with no slow spots…perfect balance of hard facts and anecdotes. —Avid reader
  • A wonderful, stirring and poignant book!  And so well-written. —Investment consultant
  • At times the level of sheer lyricism is so profound that it overwhelms… like music pouring out of violin in tears. — Retired high school principal
  • An arresting account of how courage and inspirational leadership led to desegregation of schools in the USA. —Retired UNICEF executive
  • An insider’s view of events, including personal portrayals of NAACP attorney Thurgood Marshall and federal district judge J. Waties Waring distinguish this absorbing and uplifting true story. —Midwest Book Review
  • Thank you for writing this book, it was really wonderful to read it and learn so much. The writing was so accessible, I could hear you talking. I am recommending it to many of my friends. —ML, Minnesota hiker
  • This quintessential story of an important struggle to make a more perfect union as anticipated by the framers of the US Constitution needs to be read by Americans of all ages and races. — Foreign born male
  • …could easily be used as recommended reading for classes in history, civil rights, education, or law or for public patrons with interests in those subjects. —

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